Imagine waking up with joy, having space in your day to breathe, and finally finally getting enough sleep. After all, you’ve worked HARD for what you have.

You’ve earned the degrees, landed the promotions, reached your income goal, maybe even bought a house.

You’ve achieved autonomy.

From the outside looking in: you’re living the dream.
But the problem is: you feel anything but dreamy.

You’re successful. But you don’t feel it.
You’re a winner. But you don’t feel it.
You’re AMAZING. But you don’t feel it.

No matter how hard you work, or how much you do, there’s always MORE that creeps up and overwhelms you. And one thing is for certain, my lovely…
You’re ready, desperate for a change.

I know you are, because I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to feel pressure inside and out, to feel like you’re trapped in the very life that you’ve worked so hard to create, and to wonder when you’re finally going to get a break.

In case you haven’t read my whole story over here, I’ll tell you in brief….

My name is Carol Donahoe, I’m a leadership coach for high-achieving women (like you), a yoga instructor, a lifelong fitness professional, and your new best friend – but my life didn’t always look this fun. I’ve been through my own (sometimes self-inflicted) struggles, and if I learned anything, it’s this:

The way that you feel is a direct result of your choices, actions, and behaviors.

You want to put yourself and your own needs first, but you’re NOT. Well, that’s exactly why I’m here:
to help you create a new behavior: one where you and your needs come first. Actually, I’m here to help you create a myriad of new behaviors, but it all starts with one important choice: YOU.

Making the decision to work with a coach is an extremely personal one – it’s also an extremely pivotal one. It’s the moment in your life where you decide to pay attention to you, and to make (occasionally) hard changes in order to start feeling the way you really want to feel.

It’s the moment when you decide that you’re going to get out of your own way, and get what you really want.

If you’re ready for that, my 6-month-long coaching program is for you.
My work with clients is highly customized, organic, and intuitive.


We’ll spend the first month really getting clear on what YOU want to accomplish in our time together, your greatest personal struggles, and what’s holding you back from achieving what you most want out of life.

After our 6 months together, you’ll be able to handle anything that gets thrown your way (in life or at work) with absolute grace, you’ll have revived your playful side, you’ll love and enjoy your free time (because you’ll finally have some), and you’ll wonder how you ever lived the way you did before we got started.

Here’s some of what we’ll work on in our time together —

CREATING MEANINGFUL WORK in your life. Oftentimes, a lack of personal satisfaction comes from a lack of passion or purpose in your work. After all, you spend every minute of every hour, Monday through Friday, focused on your career – so if it’s not providing you with a sense of fulfillment, we’re going to dig into WHY. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you’ll have to quit your job or anything like that. It simply means that there are different ways of approaching work – the best way is with clarity of purpose and passion – that will help it all feel meaningful to you.

PUTTING YOU-TIME ON THE CALENDAR even if that means learning how to schedule nothing at all. Chances are, your overwhelm is preventable. Sure, you’re a busy, driven career-focused lady, but you know that your jam-packed calendar – and matching inability to keep any space lingering on there for too long – is only contributing to those feelings of stress and anxiety. Well, we’re going to fix that, starting with shifting your entire time management framework. Get ready to relax a little.

SPEAKING UP FOR YOURSELF in both personal and professional settings. You’ve heard that as a woman, you’re expected to “voice yourself,” and not “play it small,” yet deep down inside you don’t think that what you have to say really matters. You think that speaking up won’t change things, so why bother, right? I’ll tell you why… because speaking up DOES change things, for you and for your peers and colleagues. We’re going to shift your “norm” to voicing yourself on the regular, but it’s for the best, I promise.

HOW TO FIND A STRONG DIRECTION AND RECALIBRATE when necessary. Yes. You know that in order to feel driven each day, you need a goal to work towards (except goals make you feel exhausted and you’re not sure if you can add anymore). Together, we’ll come up with a new benchmark to look towards AND ways to shift your focus (and your sails) when the winds of life switch up on you. Part of learning how to succeed in life, and maintain those positive feelings is knowing how to roll with the punches and “recalibrate” without giving up or throwing in the towel.

MANAGING WITHOUT MICRO-MANAGING, and what those terms actually mean. Whether you’re someone who tends to kick back and let others take charge, or someone who wants to control every single detail of a process or project, we’ve got work to do. Because somewhere in between micro-managing and uh… shrugging is the perfect balance of powerful leadership – and this applies to both your personal and professional life, girl!

HANDLING UNCERTAINTY AND ANXIETY so it doesn’t cripple you. You know that you struggle with the fear of not knowing what’s going to happen, and as you remove that “busy” habit of yours and start taking more time for yourself, these feelings are bound to come up. We’re going to work through strategies on how to best handle those feelings, while continuing to move forward towards your goals.

DEVELOPING MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIPS that fulfill you. Perhaps you’re running yourself ragged trying to be everything to everyone, while you know deep down that you’re not really showing your “true self” to most of the people in your life. When we work together, that is going to come to a screeching halt. What I want for you: a few, deeply meaningful friendships and a primary relationship, all with people who really know you – flaws and all – and love you anyway.

ELIMINATING SELF-SABOTAGE so it doesn’t get in your way anymore. Because once you’re moving towards the lifestyle and relationships of your dreams, you’re not going to have time for something like self-sabotage anymore. We’ll clear your calendar of this as well. 😉

And so much more…

>>>Over 6 months, you’ll receive<<<

12 hour-long coaching calls (or 2 per month) where we’ll have our dedicated time and space to dive into what you deeply want and need to change. ($3,600 value)

6 months of 24/7 support so you’re never alone through any of this deeply personal work. ($1200 value)

Daily check-ins with me via email so that you stay accountable to everything you’re promising to yourself! ($1800 value)

1 Personal Inquiry Questionnaire to get you thinking about what you most want to achieve in the next 6 months, the areas of your life you’d like coaching on, and how I can best support and serve you. ($300 value)

Optional “homework” such as journaling, activities, and worksheets, if you request them, because this process should never add overwhelm to your life. ($600 value)

Surprise presents and gifts because who doesn’t like presents? ($350 value)

**PLUS a bonus 2 night retreat so you can connect with other amazing women who are on the same path.($2000 value)

The total value of this package is $9,850.

Your investment is only $6,000 for all 6 months (or 6 monthly payments of $1000.00).

You might be asking yourself… “When can we start?”


Click that button above to fill out a short form that will tell me ALL about you.

Before we get started, we’ll meet for a 30-minute consultation via phone to chat more about your needs and what you’re looking for in a coach. This consultation is totally free, totally fun, and only takes half an hour of your time. What are you waiting for?


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