Do you need to hit the *pause* button?

Do you need to hit the *pause* button?

A few years ago I hit the pause button.

I had to.  I literally had no other choice because I could not keep going  at that pace.


I had been through some pretty major life events and had literally run out of energy and was on the verge of physical and emotional burn out.


That’s when I realized that the life I was living up to that moment was driven by what other’s thought I SHOULD be doing.


What society had decided a woman my age SHOULD be doing.


I knew if I kept going down the path of *should* that I would continue to feel anxious, exhausted and completely unfilled.


Enter… coaching.


I was telling myself that I would go to coaching school so I could learn how to better serve my clients but what I didn’t realize was that during the process I WOULD CHANGE at my core.


My soul’s desires were slowly uncovered, layer by layer, tear by tear.


The woman that is writing this today is so completely different than the woman who walked into that coaching workshop a few years ago.


My life is rich and full of adventure.


My life is guided by ease.


I wake up feeling both relaxed and excited for the day and I go to bed each night feeling deeply grateful for my life, my friendships and my family.


There is nothing I’d rather do with my life than help other women realize they are capable of true greatness if they are living in alignment with their core desires. And that greatness can truly come with ease.


Does all of this sound like a dream and exactly what you need but you have no idea where to begin?  Click here to schedule a totally free, 30 minute call to find out how I can help you!

I’m so here for you, girl.


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