It’s Hard To Ask For Help (but you need to)

It’s Hard To Ask For Help (but you need to)


You may have noticed I have a habit of hopping on a plane and going places where I don’t speak the language.

(where did all that high school Spanish go???)

Hell, half the time when I land in a different country, I don’t even have the address of where I’ll be staying. 😬

I go with a huge amount of trust that I’ll figure stuff out along the way.

That and the knowing that I will need to ask for help over and over again.

and that my friend….. takes surrender.

But it’s through that surrender that I am able to fully immerse myself in the experience of being somewhere new.

It’s through that surrender that I can create connections with other people and their cultures.

And you know what? People genuinely want to help! I can’t count how many times I said “Do you speak English? to people at restaurants, train stations, or the Saturday Market these last few weeks in Spain and France and even if the answer was “no” we would work together using lots of hand gestures, facial expressions and we would almost always end up laughing at our silly attempts to communicate.

I felt connected. I felt free. And so, so grateful to be able to let the perfectionism go so that I could have that experience.

Let yourself get lost in new surroundings. Let yourself wander without having everything all figured out.

Let yourself be vulnerable because it’s that very vulnerability that is your true strength.


It takes wisdom and strength to surrender to our own helplessness and to accept that we, just like every other human being, have limitations.

The gifts of surrender are numerous.

We discover humility, gratitude, and a deepening understanding of the human experience that enables us to be that much more compassionate and surrendered in the world.

~ Madisyn Taylor

ps… I’m bringing another group of adventurous women to Costa Rica on April 15th and I want YOU to come with me! I’ll be sending out all the deets soon so do me a favor and shoot me a message right here if you’re interested in learning more. LET’S ADVENTURE TOGETHER!


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