EASE; you’re doing it wrong

EASE; you’re doing it wrong

How do I know this?

Because until recently, I was doing it all wrong too.

I was even teaching ease (or what I thought was ease) and you know what they say-you teach what you need to learn.

Several months ago I was talking to my coach about not feeling a sense of ease when it came to my coaching practice. I told her that I didn’t feel anything like I was floating down the river in an inner tube while holding an umbrella drink

( because that’s what I imagined being in *flow* felt like or that *should* be the vibe I give off).

I am a coach for high achieving women who are trying to create more space and ease in their lives, after all. Don’t I need an inner tube and an umbrella drink?

She had a good, long belly laugh over that comment.

“Carol, your personal life is FULL of adventure and play. You never float down a river; you swing from a trapeze and do tricks 20 ft in the air. You travel and play and are always on the go. That’s who you are! Why are you trying to be something that you’re not for everyone else?”

And then she challenged me. Stop separating who I am from my business. Stop trying to look like a life coach. Stop trying to be what people think I should be and start showing up EXACTLY AS I AM.

And that, my friends, is what ease looks like. And feels like.

Showing up exactly as you are, even if it means you are going against the norm.  ESPECIALLY if it means you are going against the norm.

Just because society says you *should* graduate, get a great job, find a husband and pop out some kids doesn’t mean it will feel good to you.

Maybe you’d rather date around. Or not date at all.

Maybe you never want kids. Ever.

Maybe you want to rent a tiny apartment and spend all your income on travel.

Maybe you want to give your job the finger and teach yoga instead.

Tapping into who you really are and being more of that. Now that’s doing ease the right way.


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