You feel like EVERYTHING is on you. You wake up everyday already tired and stressed out. You take a big breath in and tell yourself you just have to get through another day. You’re working your ass off but knowing no one would really ever see YOU. You feel guilty for wanting to feel appreciated, but you also feel like you aren’t good enough, not worthy of appreciation. You burst in to tears while you’re washing dishes because someone asks you to do one.more.thing.
You have no idea how you’re going to keep this up, but what other option do you have?

How could YOU NOT feel like you’ll never be enough when social media throws the perfect woman with the perfect job, perfect life and banging’ bod in your face all day, every day? Looking at other people’s “perfect lives” on the internet all day long can’t help but make you feel stuck. Stuck in the comparison trap. You feel like a poser. People think you have it all together, but have no idea that:
– you are barely holding it together
– you are always spread too thin, it’s hard work keeping all those plates spinning.
– people look at you as if  you don’t belong
– you feel judged
– professional women judge other professional women (for working or staying at home)
– you feel weak if you have to ask for help
– you are strict, regimented, and structured. You have no room to breathe, always having to have tasks
– stillness feels like hell because you aren’t performing/being productive

Here is the truth: if you keep going on like this you will burn out.

And when you burn out it will be too late.

What price are you paying by maintaining that break-neck pace?
-physical health at risk
-mental and emotional health at risk
-making more work for yourself
-not being present in the moment
-spending more energy and making yourself even more tired

What do you really want?

As a woman in the fitness industry for two decades, I felt that there was pressure in the industry to look super lean all the time. When I’d meet someone they didn’t see me, they saw my body. When I ran into a client at the grocery store the first thing they’d do was look in my cart to see what I was buying. What if they saw Ben and Jerry’s in there? My professional image would come crashing down like a broken window.

I had to be strong. I had to be fit. I had to be perfect all the time and maintaining that persona was exhausting. What if they knew I took french fries off of my daughter’s plate? What if they found out that sometimes I’d go for weeks without working out because I just couldn’t muster the energy or desire to do it?
There were so many nights I’d cry myself to sleep because the pressure to be their idea of me was squeezing all of the life out of me. It was exhausting meeting someone and telling them what I did and then having them look me head to toe  thinking, “are you legit?”

I felt spread way too thin when I was a single mom, the bread winner-the only winner.
I had to cook, clean, shop, pay the bills And then had to show up and be fully present for my clients every single day.

I can help you get super clear on the things that really matter most to you in life and show you how to make choices that will allow you to spend more time on those things and less time on the stuff that doesn’t matter as much (it really doesn’t. I promise).

I can teach you what feeling worthy really means and show you how to let go of all of the stuff that has kept you trapped in unworthiness for so long.

I can reintroduce you to that amazing woman inside that you haven’t seen in so long because you’ve been too busy spinning all of those plates.

I will teach you how slowing down and taking time for yourself will actually make your more of a rockstar at the office, with the kids and with your partner.

I’ve been where you are and I know you’re aching for life to be different but have no idea where to start or what to do. I’ve done the work and have gotten to the other side and know what’s possible for you here. I know there’s a way out for you and we will find that path together.

I don’t you to live in that hell any longer.

I want you to live a life filled with joy and ease and I’ll be with you every step of the way.

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Copyright © 2017:
Carol Donahoe