3 Ways To Bring More Ease To Your Life RIGHT NOW

3 Ways To Bring More Ease To Your Life RIGHT NOW

This month my RECALIBRATE girls are focusing on creating more ease in their every day lives.

I’ll be honest, before I began really studying the concept of ease, I thought the same things about it that a lot of people do.

Thoughts like: ease should feel like vacation, ease will come when I retire, ease = chill mode, ease can only be achieved in my free time.

But here’s the deal. Thinking like that actually repels ease. It makes it almost impossible to have any amount of ease in your life right now.

The thing about ease that most people miss is that it can be experienced in your life RIGHT NOW by doing a few simple steps:


 look at your average day and pick a place to start that currently feels *hard*. A complete make over is tempting but impossible. Take if from one who’s tried. It won’t stick.

I chose to start with my morning routine.  I was used to waking up, having a leisurely cup of coffee and spending 30-60 minutes journaling.  Once my adorable and over energetic puppy came into my life, all of that went out the window. Suddenly I was having to change everything about my morning routine to accommodate his needs (demands? Is it possible for a puppy to demand? Um….yes.) Mornings as I knew them were suddenly a thing of the past and I was RESENTFUL. Which brings me to my second point.


In other words, don’t put up a fight. That is the complete opposite of ease, isn’t it? Accept the things that need to be there and make space for them. For me, it looked like this – Instead of feeling rushed, resentful and inconvenienced that puppy was messing with my coffee, journaling routine, I changed things up which made things easier for of us.

Now, I know he will be my morning alarm and enjoy waking up to his sweet puppy sounds. I fill up my thermos with coffee, turn on one of favorite podcasts and head out for our walk knowing I have an entire hour to learn and enjoy my little dude’s endless curiosity and neither of us feel rushed. Boom. We have EASE.


In other words, don’t take yourself so seriously! Play can be spontaneous and last only moments but it will bring a feeling of lightness and ease like nothing else.

Tell a joke at work. Do a cartwheel while no one is looking. Make a face at your friend sitting across from you in a meeting. Make it a goal to do something just for fun, at least once every single day and watch your stress melt away!

So-the main thing I want you to take away from this is YOU DON’T HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL SOMEDAY TO HAVE MORE EASE IN YOUR LIFE. It can be there for you right now.




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